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Los Angeles

Sophos Doulas Birth Services in Los Angeles.

Welcome to Sophos Doulas!

Thank you so much for your interest! My name is Sophia, pronounced (Soph-eye-ah), and I am a DONA-trained full-spectrum doula based in Los Angeles. I offer my clients up-to-date, evidence-based information, emotional and physical support, and a great sense of humor :) I strive to help you feel safe, seen, and heard throughout this process. It is my aim for your birth journey to be empowering and joyful, and even fun (!) in its raw power.


Named after my maternal grandmother, I have always felt a strong connection to my name. I am overjoyed to include its meaning (wisdom) in the spirit of my work as a doula. I believe that every person is guided by their own innate wisdom to birth, and I strive to amplify that inner voice for each of my clients.

In addition to being a birth doula, I am an artist. I have a background in dance, and a deep reverence and familiarity with the body. No matter the artistic medium, I have always found joy and strength in my creativity, and I bring this quality to my prenatal meetings, the birthing place, and beyond! (But don’t worry, I won’t be painting a portrait of you while you’re giving birth—but if you want that, I have ideas!) I became a doula after making a performance piece about my own birth which included an audio recording of my mother laboring that my father taped (thanks, Dad!), and because of my mother’s not-so-fond memory of her labor, which she found difficult and lacking in individualized care. 

To me, birth is the ultimate creative act, and I recognize this power in every birthing person. I revel in the body’s capacity to transform and make life. I deeply love accompanying people as they become a new family, and I fully cherish every determined baby as they boldly, or quietly, emerge earth-side. For these reasons among many others, it has become my passion to support families through all parts of the pregnancy and birth process.

In addition to working with private clients, I volunteer with the Joy in Birthing Foundation for low-income communities, and with the LA Doula Project as a full-spectrum doula supporting individuals through various pregnancy outcomes including abortion and birth. 

I live in Mt. Washington with my chihuahua and wayyy too many plants, books, instruments, art, and a rock/seashell/crystal collection to boot. I am also an avid pickler and fermenter (to the chagrin visitors who hate the smell of vinegar). I love to laugh and make others laugh—it is one of my great joys and ways to bond with clients and friends alike. Thank you for taking the time to read about me—I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story! :) 

Sophia was a GREAT doula. When I first reached out to her about her assistance, she was really responsive and came out to meet me and my husband right away. I liked her off the bat - she's a good listener, patient and thoughtful and really cared about helping me get what I wanted out of my labor experience. She helped us to craft a birth plan, answered a lot of questions for me about what the different options were and provided me with additional resources to do my own research on the different medical practices. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy she checked in regularly and helped me when I had questions about what I was experiencing. I think she's basically exactly what you need in a doula—patient, a good listener, thorough and very clear and direct about what things mean. She can help you make sure you have a strong advocate for your birth. —Sasha, DoulaMatch


I'm so glad I had Sophia as our doula for my home birth. She has a very warm energy. She is extremely loving, calming, and positive person. She has a lot of knowledge, and good experience with hospital and home birth. She was very supportive and helpful during my prenatal and postnatal time, with good advice and resources. During labor she helped me stay relaxed by easing the labor sensations with massage and her calming voice. I definitely will want Sophia as my doula again if we have more children. —Anna, DoulaMatch

I loved working with Sophia! She was my doula for the birth of my second baby. She made sure she understood my birth plan in detail and really encouraged me to practice my breathing, which helped me so much during labor. I had a long and tiresome labor but Sophia was an awesome support the whole time. I had terrible back labor and she managed to ease the pain applying pressure techniques! That was what kept me going for so many hours! Sophia was a substantial part of my positive birth experience and I would chose her again if I'd have another baby.
 —Annett, Yelp


We contacted Sophia for assisting us with the birth of our second son. Our birth experience had almost all of the elements from natural initiation of labor to stopping of labor, inducing, epidural and eventual c-section. Throughout the 24+hours Sophia was there to help us in any way possible. She was very well prepared and educated about birth and supported us both physically and emotionally throughout the birthing process. I would highly recommend Sophia to all prospective families. You will not be disappointed. –Erdem (Annett's husband)


If you have any questions about my services or would like to book a free consult, please reach out! 

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