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about us

Sophos Doulas is a bi-coastal birth doula partnership based in Los Angeles and New York City dedicated to supporting individuals and families as they labor and give birth. Keeping in mind, "How will you remember your birth?" Sophos Doulas provides a peaceful and non-judgmental space filled with affirmation, humor, and love so that all families feel empowered during this journey. We trust in the birth process and in the body's ability to birth with its innate wisdom. We have specialized training and experience with home births, inductions, cesarean births, VBACs, waterbirths, LGBTQ families, moms over age 40, single parents, teenagers, miscarriage, abortion, and stillbirth/bereavement.

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About Us

We met during a summer artist residency in Maine. As our friendship blossomed, our peers began referring to us as one person, “SoSo,” which we quickly adopted and began calling each other. Amused and fascinated by this sense of unity through our names, we began to play with the idea of collaborating as an educational team with either children or adults, regarding sex education and the arts, or something similar. After the residency ended, our bond to each other and collective interest in the birth process began to grow. We each received our DONA training within months of each other in our respective cities, and began taking on clients almost immediately. Through our shared sense of humor as well as mutual reverence for art, nature, and birth, we embarked on a journey of creating a doula services business, guided by the wisdom of Sophos, connected across the country, together as a supportive and collaborative team. While we do not live in the same city, we are in frequent communication and explore and respond to the birth process intimately together, asking each other for advice, sharing literature and resources, and most importantly, doulaing one another with praise, love, and support. We hope, one day, to co-doula a birth together when we find ourselves in the same geographic location once again.